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Renting vs Buying: the pros & cons.

Posted by Nick Hoetmer on September 26, 2019

Whether you choose to rent or buy a home the place in which you live is a major decision. Renting or buying plays a significant role in how much money you save; it affects your lifestyle and has an impact on the finances accumulated over time. Buying a home and setting down roots are one of the biggest accomplishments for everyday people because they see owning a home as an investment and a source of tax deductions.

Likewise, many individuals rent homes for the flexibility and the convenience of minimal responsibility, even though renters amass a substantial net worth with time if they purchased a house.



Pros Cons Pros Cons
Payments build equity Lots of costs Cheaper payment Rents will keep rising
Might be tax deductible More responsibility No taxes or maintenance No wealth creation
Forced savings Home prices may go down No down payment required No tax benefits
Stability: don’t have to leave! Harder to move Easier to move

Less stability and more rules.


In the end renting or buying is not a decision that should be solely based on finances; it should also be based on your life’s vision. Monthly mortgage payments and renting may be similar have payments, so ignore those who argue owning makes sense in the long run or that paying rent is the same as mortgage payments. The real estate market and the life’s everyday situations are too diverse to make bold statements like these.

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